Unlimited Family Broadband With No Contract

Direct Save Telecom becomes the first telecom provider in the UK to launch no-contract unlimited family broadband.

What’s the best broadband deal in the UK just now? All providers are vying for their spot at the top of the pile, with basement-level pricing and special offers galore.

However, all the best broadband packages have one thing in common – a long-term contract.

Prices are lowered if users commit, but what about the forgotten broadband outcasts who do not want a long-term relationship?

The good-news is that consumer champion Direct Save Telecom has become the first provider in the UK to launch a no-contract unlimited family broadband deal which offers free set up and free wireless router.

For many the internet has taken over from the TV as the main source of family entertainment. This new deal means the whole family can download, watch, like and chat all day long without the fear of exceeding their broadband cap. But for the first time they can do this without having to commit to a long-term broadband contract.

This no-commitment, no-contract 28-day family unlimited package only costs £16.95 and includes free weekend UK calls, a free wireless router worth £35, free set-up worth £24.95 and line rental at just £13.75.

“Many families are simply not in a position today to commit to a long-term broadband package, but like everyone else they cannot function without the internet,” says Stavros Tsolakis, CEO, Direct Save Telecom.

“Our no-contract unlimited family deal is unique in the UK in two ways. It gives families the option of paying monthly for their broadband with no-commitment and also takes away the threat of running up high charges from exceeding their broadband cap. Our aim is to make broadband available and affordable to everyone and unlike other providers we offer deals which appeal to all UK broadband users no matter their circumstances or demographic.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine
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