Update once for Twitter and Facebook with new GyPSii CONNECT

GeoSentric Oyj’s, GyPSii business unit, developers of the award winning GyPSii mobile social networking application, have announced the launch of GyPSii CONNECT, a web-based service that allows GyPSii users to automatically update and share their status, newly created places and friends in real time across other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Shane Lennon, SVP Marketing and Product Management at GyPSii, stated: “GyPSii CONNECT gives us time to manage our lives instead of our social networks. It’s easy to set up, use and manage, and will undoubtedly open up and help spread the GyPSii community globally. With more network connections in development, we plan to mobilise access to an open eco-system for consumers.”

At launch, GyPSii CONNECT integrates with Twitter and Facebook. The company said other social networking sites would also be introduced in the coming months. Using the service, GyPSii community members can synchronise their core social networking activities directly from their GyPSii profile, including: Status Updates; Place and User Content Creation; and Friend Additions.

GyPSii members can experience mobile lifestyle services and a broad range of location-specific social networking functions, including user generated content to create and share from their phone, viewing and locating friends and their content, and sharing information on nearby points of interest, such as restaurants, bars and clubs. Content can be contributed by friends, fellow GyPSii members and GyPSii’s third party content partners, all of which is available to view on a map, within a single easy to use experience.

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