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Further to our 21 October story detailing MTV Telecom’s Avaya Alchemy buy back offer Nick Brasier at Avaya has contacted Comms Business Magazine to say that “In addition to the existing Alchemy applications upgrade to IP Office applications, we have put together a 10% buy-back offer on the un-configured Alchemy base unit to help transition the 12,000 ArgentOffice and ArgentBranch systems installed to IP Office. These trunk cards as well as expansion modules and terminals can be re-used on the new IP Office base unit.”

He continued, “The cash-back value of the Alchemy base unit is 10% of the un-configured unit value (i.e. without the cost of the trunk card that can be re-used on IP Office). Pending return of the Alchemy base unit in working order to Avaya, Avaya Sales Order Processing (SOP) will issue the cashback and CBC license as detailed in the MTV Telecom statement.

The original report was as follows:

New Lamps for Old – Alchemy Trade In
MTV Telecom has made Comms Business Magazine aware of a six month offer from Avaya that started this month whereby resellers can get a trade in allowance on their ‘old’ Network Alchemy ArgentOffice and Branch Systems.

Michael Greenwood, IP Office Account Manager at MTV Telecom told us, “The promotion is working well and enables resellers to look at their base of Alchemy systems in a new light. Having guaranteed trade in values of £100 and £290 for each base unit is encouraging many to start talking to their customers about upgrading their present systems to IP Office.”

Greenwood also confirmed that customers taking advantage of the offer will also receive free a single user license for the Avaya Compact Business Centre solutions which will provide core statistics and data on the performance of the customer operation.
Avaya has confirmed that many such offers are now in place to encourage resellers to either upgrade from older systems such as INDeX and Alchemy as well as motivate their channels to up-sell applications. Two examples are the offers for voice compression modules and DECT integration.

MTV Telecom has confirmed that these Avaya promotions run until March 2006.

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