UPS for SME and Home Users for Under £40

Until now UPS protection from power outages and power faults such as spikes, surges and dropouts has really only been available to business users because of the high cost of UPS systems, but now Dynamode has brought UPS protection to the mass market with its Dynamo85 small form factor UPS, which is available for under £40. Computers, servers, routers, game consoles, media centres, backup devices and even LCD and Plasma TVs all benefit from pure clean electrical energy in protecting vital data and delicate components.

The Dynamo85 UPS houses a 850VA maintenance free battery, which constantly supplies clean power to all attached devices, filtering out common power faults such as brown outs, spikes, transients and complete power failure. When automatically switching to its built-in rechargeable battery in less than 10 microseconds, the user will be notified visually and audibly that they are running on battery power, giving a run time of 10-30 minutes, depending on the load – more than enough time to save files and shut down the system, if necessary.

According to Hoj Parmar of Dynamode, “The Dynamo85 is the first UPS system that is easily within the reach of any home computer user or small company and will bring all the benefits and peace of mind that UPS gives, to a whole new market.”

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