UPS Systems first to offer continuous battery monitoring for standby power generators

UPS Systems has upgraded its remote monitoring equipment for generators, UPS and fuel cells.

This feature is set on a remote standby power monitoring system in the UK market, this additional functionality will allow continuous monitoring of standby generator batteries.

The addition of a battery-monitoring module to existing UPS systems, will ensure the reliability of generators when called upon to supply critical standby power in the event of a mains failure.

Generator battery problems can often go undetected as Tom Sperrey, managing director for UPS Systems explains: “One of the most common causes of a standby power system failure is due to the generator not starting. Often this is because of battery malfunction. REMO now has the ability to alert system operators to potential battery problems and avoid costly malfunctions.”
Hybrid systems, incorporating a UPS and a generator, are particularly vulnerable. Power loss can be rapid, causing business continuity and system integrity issues.

Generator failures will result in systems having to rely solely on the power stored in a UPS. This period of time is short, often just a few minutes as a UPS is only rated to cover the time required for a generator to start and accept the load.

Signal strength and communication with standby power equipment has also been improved with the addition of a network-independent roaming SIM card for those remote-monitoring systems using a GSM modem.

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