UPS Systems to showcase fuel cell installation

UPS Systems plc will deliver an informative presentation into fuel cell applications for backup power at the ‘Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Showcase’, an event organised by the London Hydrogen Partnership. UPS Systems will present a ‘real life’ case study that focuses on the business benefits enjoyed by one of its fuel cell customers operating in the financial services sector – a fund manager based in West London.

At the Showcase, industry experts will highlight the latest developments in hydrogen technology and fuel cell applications. The emphasis will be on the benefits that fuel cells and hydrogen technology have to offer to organisations today, and how they can help to create a sustainable future for all.

Often companies experience space and environmental constraints which can limit the choices for standby power, especially if they need to ensure business continuity whilst adhering to environmental legislation. The case study will illustrate how a fuel cell offers the ideal solution, highlighting its carbon free emissions and the option of housing it inside the building – eliminating the need for planning permission.

UPS Systems’ Managing Director, Tom Sperrey, commented: “In this example our client needed the guarantee that should their prime power supply be compromised or lost, an alternative power source would support their IT infrastructure. Traditional diesel generators were out of the question due to environmental concerns, space issues and difficulties in obtaining planning permission – only a fuel cell was viable and we were able to provide them with a perfect solution. We now want to share their experiences and highlight how fuel cell technology can benefit other organisations, whilst working towards a sustainable future.”

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