UPS Systems to Supply Low Cost Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator Package

Hungerford based UPS Systems plc has signed a unique partnership agreement with BOC, a member of the Linde Group, to distribute, their new low cost Hymera 150w hydrogen fuel cell generator in the UK.

Powered by an ultra-compact lightweight 300 bar hydrogen cylinder, the Hymera 150w hydrogen fuel cell generator is suitable for a wide range of remote prime power applications where access to mains power is not available or where other power sources such as fossil fuelled generators are either prohibited or simply unsuitable.

As Hymera produces absolutely no emissions apart from water vapour, it can provide clean, quiet electricity for a host of applications including high efficiency lighting, instrumentation, security cameras, power tools and many other low power consumption products.

UPS Systems and BOC have worked hard to bring to market what is arguably the UK’s first commercially viable hydrogen fuel cell generator package. There are no installation costs as the fuel cell is a direct ‘plug and play’ solution; users can simply connect a hydrogen cylinder, plug in the equipment and switch on the fuel cell.

“Our goal has been to drive down production costs to make hydrogen fuel cells more affordable for businesses across the UK and build some critical mass,” said Nick Rolf, Business Development Manager – Innovation at BOC. “With UPS Systems’ knowledge of the market and experience of commercial fuel cell deployment, we expect to see customers across several industries begin to replace traditional generators with Hymera.”

UPS Systems Managing Director Tom Sperrey commented: “We first showcased the Hymera 150w hydrogen fuel cell generator at the Grove Symposium in September where it received a great deal of interest. It is an important product because it has the potential to introduce a completely new audience to the benefits of fuel cell technology, which will help to further overcome the barriers to widespread adoption.”

The fuel cell has an estimated retail price of £1,995 ex. VAT and is available only from UPS Systems and BOC.

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