UQ launches WiMAX service powered by Mformation

Mformation Technologies, provider of advanced mobile device management (MDM) software, has announced that UQ has successfully launched its WiMAX service, which is powered by the Mformation Service Manager device management platform.

Mformation is providing seamless device management capabilities for WiMAX-capable mobile devices as part of the rollout of UQ’s WiMAX-based services. The UQ venture includes KDDI and. UQ expects to cover all major cities by the end of 2010 and aims to provide WiMAX coverage to 90% of the country by 2012.

Advanced device management ensures that WiMAX-capable devices can be remotely activated and provisioned irrespective of their source, ensuring that they work seamlessly and deliver an enhanced mobile Internet experience.

“Advanced device management is fundamental to ensuring that our WiMAX services work seamlessly and provide a great user experience,” said Toshikazu Yokai, General Manager, Network Technology Department of UQ Communications.

“The Mformation solution was important to our overall strategy to support live commercial WiMAX services. Under a tight deadline, the device management solution has been delivered to power the WiMAX service. The ability to remotely activate, manage and support any WiMAX device — regardless of where it is purchased — will create a compelling proposition for users and a truly open mobile marketplace, allowing customers to purchase their own devices and activate them where, when and how they choose.”

WiMAX will deliver a significant boost to the mobile internet, allowing users to access advanced data applications and personal content from anywhere in the WiMAX coverage area, on any WiMAX-enabled device at broadband speed. Mformation has built up significant experience of supporting devices over all-IP 4G technologies with unparalleled device support; Mformation supports more than 2,500 different devices across any mobile network type.

“Working with UQ on this very important mobile broadband initiative is great validation of the power of our comprehensive MDM platform,” said Mark Edwards, CEO for Mformation. “UQ Communications had very demanding requirements; we have consistently demonstrated our ability to support these requirements as UQ Communications moves forward with its aggressive plans for rollout of WiMAX-based services. We look forward to continuing our support for UQ on this critical initiative.”

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