UrSOSButton Just got Smaller

In 2014, ANT Telecom announced its partnership and product offering with Isle Systems’ UrSOSButton. The partnership has seen ANT become the UK reseller of the UrSOSButton, which is offered as part of its lone worker offering to support and protect workers in remote locations.

ANT and Isle Systems now announce further developments to the UrSOSButton in terms of its look and overall design. A smaller version, the size of a key fob, will provide users with an even more discrete option to help with their personal security and safety. When pressed, the button can activate a variety of different actions including recording, photography or alerting a colleague/family member of an incident.

The new design has been created for use inside and outside of the business environment, with individuals also being able to use the UrSOSButton for their own personal security and that of their families.

Sectors to which the smaller version of the UrSOSButton will have particular appeal, include the housing and social housing sectors, as well as healthcare, where patients are increasingly being treated in a variety of settings, including the community. Nurses and hospital workers, for example, are able to easily activate the button to send out an amber or red alert to colleagues if they get into a situation in which they feel uncomfortable. UrSOSButton provides an alternative to the ID card type device some healthcare professionals can carry with them, but gives them more options for carrying it discreetly, much extended battery life and lower running costs as UrSOSButton works via their Smartphone via Bluetooth, thus eliminating additional SIM card costs.

Mark Hanley, Owner of Isle Systems comments, “The UrSOSButton is already available to users in a USB memory stick form factor, which works very well. However, we continue to develop the button to give both the private and public sector, options that suit their individual and diverse needs. Being able to choose to use the button in either the size of a USB or key fob, provides users with the discreet form factor that best suits them.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine