Vaioni Covers up to £6000 of ECC’s

Vaioni Wholesale (VW) has announced it is delivering up to £6000 of ECC’s cover irrespective of Operator choice. ECC’s stands for Excess Construction Costs and are generally associated with additional costs in installing new or additional fibre to an office building / property to deliver high capacity fibre based internet connections. With the adoption of fibre leased line internet connectivity at its highest rate, Vaioni continues to work with its partners and the industry leaders to offer the best incentives available on the market today to The Channel.

Sachin Vaish comments, “This is a great incentive for our Channel Partners. Our objective is to see more businesses use fibre leased lines to connect to the internet and to unlock the true benefits of what Ethernet and Cloud Services can deliver to a business. Covering up to £6000 of Excess Construction Costs across all of our UK Operators is fantastic and allows our Channel Partners to review previous opportunities and increase sales.”

The new ECC cover is a great step for the Fibre Ethernet industry and will mean Fibre will continue to dominate the high capacity connectivity marketplace, over wireless and similar products. Today Vaioni Wholesale has one of the most compelling Ethernet propositions to businesses small and large in the market. VW manage hundreds of Ethernet projects at any one time and serve connectivity to over 500+ customers globally, including businesses such as BBC, Grant Thornton, Manchester Airport,, Amazon and many other similar businesses.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine