Vaioni Slash London Leased Line Prices

ISP Vaioni has introduced a 10Mb leased line for £450 a month across London.

The company says there are no gimmicks, or caveats, just a credit busting, high performance internet circuit. The 10mb leased line is delivered as a Pure Ethernet, Fibre Optic, Layer 2 premium service straight into the Vaioni network. The service also carries a 99.96% SLA and a 4 hour guaranteed fix on the CPE as standard.

Vaioni run their own MPLS enabled network which spans nearly 10 data centres across London, including a further presence in Manchester and major European countries. Specialising in high bandwidth connectivity services and IPVPN solutions, Vaioni works with in excess of 25 Telco’s globally and delivers fully managed, end to end solutions to Global Enterprises around the world.

Vaioni recently brought businesses across London 100Mb Leased Lines for £800 a month.

Sachin Vaish of Vaioni says: “The 100Mb Leased Line offer has taken off very well; however some businesses have said they don’t need 100Mb, and have asked if there is something more suitable like a 10Mb circuit. So we listened and now we are offering 10Mb Leased Lines for £450 a month in exactly the same way as the 100Mb leased lines. We hope this is going to help the smaller business just as much as it is helping the larger corporate enterprises.”

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