Vanco Offers Intelligent, Business-Led Route to Convergence

Enterprise organisations can now optimise their communications infrastructures to enable business-driven convergence decisions thanks to new Consolidated Communications Services from Vanco, the pioneering global Virtual Network Operator (VNO). Where appropriate, Vanco will ultimately migrate the client to a fully-managed regional/global converged solution covered by a single, detailed, end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA). Trialled with customers such as Mitsubishi Motors, the service offers the lowest-cost, lowest-risk migration to full convergence, as Vanco takes management ownership of voice, data and mobile prior to working with the client to develop the business case for convergence.

Vanco will audit, rationalise and strip out wasted costs in existing voice, data and mobile services by addressing ‘quick wins’, including eliminating unused infrastructure, inconsistency in billing rates and unauthorised use of premium rate and international numbers. It will then conduct a competitive market tender to ensure lowest-cost provision of existing services. This will establish a benchmark by which the true value of convergence can be measured and – if required – implemented. The entire transition process, including operations, SLAs and billing migration on a country-by-country basis, is led by a Vanco Programme Director and mutually agreed with the client.

John Tasker, Mitsubishi Motors UK Production Services Manager, said, “We had been reviewing IP Telephony (IPT) for some time but wanted to make a solid business case for the transition. During due diligence and tendering, Vanco benchmarked our PBX maintenance services and, where it seemed viable or we felt there were other reasons for doing so, Vanco designed and specified an IPT solution and tendered for a maintenance supplier. We estimate the resulting financial savings will be significant and working with Vanco allowed us to implement IPT intelligently and with minimum exposure.”

Andy Sumner, MD, Vanco UK, said, “Typically, voice services sits with telecoms, data within IT and mobile with facilities; so it’s often hard to get a true picture of an organisation’s overall costs. It’s also not in an Asset-Based Carriers’ (ABCs’) interests to share information about redundant estate. Without all of this information, any convergence decision can only ever be a ‘leap of faith‘.”

The VNO model means Vanco is uniquely able to provide compelling convergence solutions, advising the enterprise customer from an independent standpoint. As it owns no telecoms assets, it is able to engage multiple network providers in competitive tendering to ensure a lowest-cost solution. As part of its Active Negotiation Process, Vanco can also commit to review network costs and technologies annually to determine and deliver savings and a dynamically optimal network. The service is underwritten by a single SLA with Vanco, encompassing the entire voice estate and including metrics such as: voice service availability and quality (fixed line and mobile); connectivity performance if currently supported; and PBX availability.

Sumner continued, “The auditing and tendering part of our Consolidated Communications Services ensures lowest-cost service provision – even if the incumbents remain – and brings the entire infrastructure under a single managed solution. If the numbers add up, we can then offer a straightforward migration to a single platform. It’s the smart route to convergence.”

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