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VanillaIP Announce Htek Integration with Uboss Portal

In a significant development in the fast-moving Hosted PBX market, BroadSoft based provider VanillaIP have announced total integration between the Uboss management platform and Htek SIP handsets. For the first time the handset firmware, services and button features are all driven from Uboss for the tightest possible feature integration.

Previously there has been a disconnect between the IP handsets and the BroadSoft switch, typically because the SIP handsets are built to connect to many different soft switch platforms. The problem for resellers and end users is that you have “orphaned” buttons or functions and confused menus. The VanillaIP integration means that there is no local intelligence in the Htek handset and all functionality is delivered from the Uboss cloud. This includes Directories, where the user has dial-by-name across the Corporate and Personal directories from within Uboss

An important new deliverable with the Uboss Htek integration is true Key & Lamp working, allowing resellers to deploy key system functionality popular on Panasonic and Toshiba systems.

Dave Dadds (pictured), CEO at VanillaIP explains, “Key systems are deployed in their thousands in all types of SMB customer environments and this was a recurring feature request from our channel. We are committed to helping our resellers address all market segments and getting key and lamp working on a cloud platform is, we think, a first in the UK market.

For Resellers, this also means that they have total control on configuring the Htek handsets for users, specifying the button functions, rebooting and seeing live IP registrations and calls all from within the Uboss portal. The handset is essentially a plastic extension of Uboss with all the intelligence in the cloud rather than on the local device. Advanced functions such as flexible seating, call recording pause/resume, call park, call centre operation and inbound alpha tagging are all delivered as standard.”

Dadds summarises, “We are proud of the new development and our continued commitment to innovation and R & D. For ourselves and our resellers, continual product development is the only way to guarantee long-term success”.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine