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Vapour Media Launches All in One Solution

Vapour Media has launched a new cloud-based bundle with a rally-cry to the channel.

Unveiling All in One, a per-person, per-month managed solution encompassing cloud voice, data storage, LAN and WAN connectivity, Vapour Director Tim Mercer claims channel resellers need to stand up, evangelise and help drive technological change amongst the small business community.

Mercer said: “Cutting edge technology and big budgets no longer go hand-in-hand. Likewise, having an in-house IT expert is not a pre-requisite for efficient and affordable business communications. However, the UK’s small businesses are still not getting the solutions and services they deserve. The advent of cloud means businesses, no matter how big or how small, have the flexibility to scale their communication needs in tandem with their business aspirations.

“While the cloud is growing at such a pace and consumer demand for instant access, instant answers and a robust service, businesses can no longer sit on their hands and ride out the familiarity of old technology. The channel and its network of resellers, with their reputations for service delivery at a local level, need to evangelise and educate about the benefits of cloud.”

With cloud-based technology now commanding trust – which has often been lacking over the past few years – and the services equating to less than the daily price of a coffee, the relative opportunity and the cost efficiencies are more relatable to small businesses. If providers aren’t taking the initiative, somebody else will be. It’s essential channel resellers don’t get left behind, instead seizing the momentum and building on their existing relationships to do so.

Mercer continued: “Over the last six months, the Vapour team has spoken at length with a number of customers of the small business community. Too many suppliers, too many points of contact for multiple services – data, voice, back-up and storage; too much jargon; neglected service levels – just too small to care about. The list went on.

“We decided to tackle the problem head-on, take the headache out of an unnecessarily complex end-to-end solution and give channel partners, and their customers, a solution they would both understand and be able to instantly derive the business benefits.”
Working on a monthly license basis – adding and removing as your needs change – All in One provides features and functionality suited to the needs of a progressive, modern-day businesses. Fully installed and tested by Vapour engineers and managed 24 hours a day from the company’s Network Operation Centre, dedicated private access with class (CoS) and quality of service (QoS) comes as standard.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine