Varlink Now Offering Honeywell Captuvo

Varlink now offers the new Honeywell Captuvo SL62 Enterprise Sled for Apple iPad Mini.

The Captuvo SL62 transforms the Apple iPad Mini into an enterprise-ready device for those working in the retail, hospitality and field service industries, allowing them to look up inventory, scan barcodes and securely process payments from any location. This can increase customer engagement and improve mobile point-of-sale, providing the retailer with the opportunity to upsell products and services thus engaging customers more within the buying process.

MPoS (Mobile POS) is on the rise in stores as retailers want customers to become more interactive with their shopping habits and enhance their shopping experience as a whole. Using the Captuvo SL62, store staff can take the checkout to the customer and provide the service they need there and then, drastically reducing queues at manned checkouts.

Lightweight and ergonomic, the Captuvo SL62 can be used throughout the shift, particularly for those working long hours, without the strain of carrying a heavy device. Hospitality workers can benefit from the ability to facilitate point-of-sale transactions, take customers’ orders and offer menu options.

The Captuvo SL62 is the latest model to be added to Varlink’s growing Honeywell portfolio of rugged handhelds, scanners and mobile computers, all of which offer IP ratings of between 41 and 67.

The integration of Honeywell and Metrologic in 2008 allowed Honeywell to become a top player in the market sector, bringing together Metrologic’s innovative retail scanning range with Honeywell’s already successful handheld devices.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine