vc-net’s Videoconferencing Solution Allow Greater Access to Master Course

TreeHouse, the national charity for autism education, has opted for a videoconferencing solution from vc-net to allow greater access to a Masters course in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Ian Wylie, TreeHouse Chief Executive, explains: “TreeHouse has just moved into its first permanent new home – the Pears National Centre for Autism Education in north London. We are a school for children with autism and a national charity undertaking research and policy and parliamentary lobbying to ensure autism is a national priority. We also support parents across the country and offer training and consultancy on autism education. For this we need state-of-the-art equipment and we are delighted with what vc-net have provided for our video conference suite. The quality of their service has been excellent so far and with their support we will be able to reach out to many more of the 1 in 100 children with autism in the UK in order to transform their lives for the better.”

TreeHouse chose video conferencing in order to access a Masters course. The course which is an MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis, is only available in Wales and Northern Ireland. This obviously limits access to the course and limits the ability of those in England to gain this qualification. In order to facilitate more people accessing the course, Bangor University in Wales offers this as a long distance course via video conferencing. They have four external sites which access the course using video conferencing, of which TreeHouse is one. Without the video conferencing option and facility, Treehouse would be unable to access this course, so it is an invaluable resource.

Dan Somers, Managing Director of vc-net, comments: “With our new generation of online virtual meeting solutions, face-to-face meetings can now be attended by participants from their desks, in the board room, from their home, in fact where ever a broadband connection to the Internet can be found.”

“It’s extremely rewarding to see our videoconferencing solutions supporting such a worthwhile charity in this way. It’s proof of the diverse role that videoconferencing is now playing across a variety of industries worldwide – enabling people to collaborate, share and communicate in a cost effective, eco-friendly and productive manner.”

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