VCOMM Look for ViBE Partners

Newbury based distributor VCOMM UK has signed an exclusive agreement to supply and support ViBE across the reseller and service provider community.

ViBE allows up to 28 concurrent VoIP calls over a single 256k ADSL circuit providing E1 (ISDN30) replacement services for SIP trunking applications at a fraction of the cost of SDSL or leased lines.

“VCOMM have everything we need to quickly penetrate the UK channel and service provider community.” commented Jonathan Nelson, CEO at Voipex. “Their customer base coupled with extensive SIP knowledge and partnerships with VoIP aware channels and service provider partners makes them a great fit for us to preach the word of ViBE.”

”ViBE is unique in the marketplace and addresses the single biggest barrier to mass adoption of VoIP in the SME and Enterprise market.” claimed Scott Dobson, Managing Director at VCOMM UK Ltd. “Once you get over 4 or 5 concurrent VoIP calls you really need to look at SDSL if it’s available at the local exchange or if not, leased lines. Both of these options are costly and deter end users from making the jump from ISDN to SIP trunking.” “ViBE delivers this performance over standard ADSL lines and offers Quality of Service too boot.”

VCOMM are currently running trials with selected partners with a view to going into a full production environment before the end of September. The ViBE platform can be deployed as a Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point or Service Provider solution.

“There is nothing like ViBE out there at the moment” stated Paul Moss, Sales Director at managed services specialist Activator UK. “The cost of bandwidth is stifling the mass adoption of VoIP and ViBE provides a scalable, cost effective solution out of the box”.

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