VegaStream and Aastra Combine to Keep the Network Open for Voice Calls

VoIP Gateway vendor VegaStream has announced that it has successfully completed interoperability testing between its Vega IP gateways and Aastra Telecom SIP handset models. Conducted over SIP in a Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) environment, the agreement guarantees that all Aastra SIP handsets are compatible with the full range of VegaStream IP gateways utilising the current SIP stacks supported on both platforms.

Steve Davis, EVP Sales and Marketing, VegaStream said, “The comprehensive testing carried out between the VegaStream gateway and Aastra’s SIP handsets has demonstrated the seamless interoperability of both product ranges. End users and channel partners can be confident of no disruption when implementing the two solutions over existing telephony services to guarantee business grade VoIP availability.”

The objective of the testing was to determine whether the Aastra SIP handsets could work in a TDM environment utilising a VegaStream Gateway over SIP if there was a broadband failure. The SIP handsets seamlessly registered with the VegaStream onboard resilient proxy when the broadband link was disrupted allowing the SIP handsets to make a call over a local PSTN connection. When the broadband link was re-established, the IP handsets automatically registered with the hosted IP solution.

“The flexibility and benefits of Aastra SIP handsets have now been enhanced, with the capability to operate fully through the VegaStream gateway and operate over the PSTN,” said Anne Warren, Sales Manager at Aastra. “ These two world class products working together to provide hardened IP resilience ensure that businesses can continue to carry out critical voice communications in the event of IP network failure.”

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