Vegastream Enters Enterprise Market

IP gateway vendor Vegastream has announced the largest addition to its portfolio, the Vega 5000, designed to meet the evolving communication needs of large enterprise environments. Enabling campus sites to move efficiently and cost-effectively to IP networks, the 5000 is the first in its product range to come complete with VegaStream’s new software version 8.1.

The Vega 5000 analogueue gateway has been specifically designed for the high-end market, typically connecting standard analogue handsets to an IP network in a service provider or large corporate network. A high-density analogueue to VoIP gateway, the Vega 5000 is available with 24 or 48 FXS ports for connection to standard analogueue telephones, in addition to two network-facing analogue ports for connection to analogue telephone lines or a PBX.

As with all Vegastream’s VoIP gateways, the 5000 has proven interoperability with a wide range of existing telecommunications and VoIP equipment, and can act at a customer premises via a carrier network, or be implemented directly into an enterprise setting. With simple configuration, management and compelling return of investment, the IP gateways allow service providers to deliver VoIP services simply and efficiently. Steve Davis, VP Sales and Marketing, EMEA at VegaStream explains:

“The 5000 is perfect for any business that has a large number of analogue phones and seeks a gradual and controlled transition from traditional analogue communications to VoIP. For campus environments in particular, such as Universities or serviced offices, the 5000 provides a cost effective solution introducing the benefits of VoIP for large numbers of people, without the massive financial outlay.”

Representing VegaStream’s next generation of software developments, release 8.1 builds on the success of its previous products, focussed on enhancing the user experience for the customer, and the provider implementing the gateway. Providing stress-free implementation with its advanced configuration tool, 8.1 allows for quick and confident provisioning of the VegaStream gateways via an intuitive web interface and step-by-step reference guide.

“These latest hardware and software releases really consolidate VegaStream’s position as a leader in the marketplace,” Davis concludes. ”The development of the 5000 shows that we are focussed on offering the breadth of portfolio and comprehensive functionality that will fulfil the growing customer requirements for VoIP and support the IP services that service providers can offer a wide range of enterprise environments”

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