VegaStream Europa Gateway Provides Platform for Cost Effective Teleworking

IP Gateway vendor VegaStream has announced a new version of its Europa gateway with 4 or 8 FXO ports, to successfully support teleworking capabilities. The Europa gateway VoIP enables the traditional TDM PABX significantly reducing the investment normally required to roll out a teleworking strategy to employees.

The new features of the Europa gateway offer a compelling teleworking application for TDM PBXs. From as little as £70 per port, enterprises can telework, by enabling an existing PABX using VoIP,” said Steve Davis, EVP Sales and Marketing, VegaStream. “This is a killer application for resellers to start selling VoIP.”

One of the main stumbling blocks toward implementing a teleworking solution is commonly price. The majority of PABX providers advocate a complete ‘rip and replace’ process which can incur huge costs and massive upheaval of the current communications infrastructure. The VegaStream alternative provides more flexible working and increased productivity as a TDM PABX can be simply upgraded, offering a highly integrated teleworking solution by using a VoIP gateway for a fraction of the cost.

The Europa gateway is installed on the extension port of the existing PBX which means that the teleworker is configured as a long line extension over a broadband connection and no requirement is needed to change or alter the existing TDM PBX. With the Europa gateway connected at a central site, employees will have the same access to resources and communications from a remote office, temporary site or if working from home. With the bi-directional telephony and inter-teleworker call handling capabilities teleworkers can make internal and external calls through the PBX, hold and transfer calls to internal and external destinations and in addition can access voicemails.

Steve Davis concludes, “VegaStream continues to build on its strong reputation as being the industry leader for world class VoIP gateways. Rather than lose a customer, VegaStream gateways offers a solution to the channel to allow end users to migrate to IP at their own pace, utilising their existing IT infrastructure to realise an immediate Return on Investment.”

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