VegaStream Integrates Voipex To Increase Call Density

VegaStream, the developer of reliable, cost effective and easy to use telephony media gateways, has announced it has completed compatibility testing with Voipex, the developer of VIBE (Voice over Internet Broadband Enhancement) software. The Vega IP Gateways become the industry’s first VIBE enabled platform and will further ease the provisioning of VoIP by enabling companies to achieve up to 28 simultaneous calls on a single broadband link.

“The benefits are VoIP are well documented but deterrents to deploying VoIP do exist such as the risk of disruption to the running of the business and the need to sweat legacy assets. Gateways address these key deployment issues and help businesses painlessly migrate to VoIP,” said Steve Davis, EVP Sales and Marketing, VegaStream. “ There is a concern amongst the business community though about the limited number of concurrent calls that can be made on a standard ADSL link. Voipex VIBE tackles this issue and enables SIP trunking of up to 28 ports on an ADSL connection allowing companies to maximise the performance of their broadband link and avoid facing an expensive service upgrade.

The VIBE software adds greater functionality to the Vega gateways and gives VegaStream a competitive advantage with the unparalleled density of VoIP traffic we can offer. This agreement will quickly stimulate demand in the channel by enhancing the end user benefits of migrating to VoIP and increase the rate of adoption.”

“By maximising the potential of a standard single broadband link, the VIBE software allows companies to make multiple simultaneous calls and avoid paying the prohibitive costs of moving to SDSL or leased lines which they would otherwise have to do to achieve the same results,” said Jonathan Nelson, Managing Director and co-founder, Voipex.” VegaStream produces technically advanced gateways, understands the SIP market and has excellent relationships with the channel and service provider community. Integration with the VegaStream Gateways is a significant endorsement for VIBE and we envisage greater market penetration with this announcement.”

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