VegaStream Introduces Europa IP Gateway

VegaStream, the industry leading developer of reliable, cost effective and easy to use VoIP gateways has today announced a new addition to its IP gateway portfolio, the Vega 50 Europa Gateway, designed for smaller enterprises to move efficiently and cost-effectively to IP networks.

The Europa gateway connects a range of legacy telephony equipment, including PBX’s, ISDN telephones, analog phones and the PSTN to IP networks. This product has been designed specifically for the European market where ISDN is still prevalent and supports up to 4 or 8 basic rate ISDN channels or up to 10 analog ports. The Europa is available in a number of different configurations and can be configured simply for different country requirements, causing no disruption to any existing equipment. As with all VegaStream dedicated VoIP gateways, the Europa is proven interoperable with a wide range of existing telecommunications and VoIP equipment.

Steve Davis, VP Sales and Marketing EMEA, VegaStream explains; “In Europe, ISDN is still used in many enterprises. This is a product specifically designed to enable those smaller businesses where ISDN is still being deployed to migrate to VoIP at their own pace, whilst still leveraging their ISDN and analog kit. It’s another example of an innovative solution that will really help enterprises and Service Providers migrate to IP simply, cost effectively and productively.”

VegaStream is committed to offering the best platforms to allow enterprise customers to experience VoIP but with a more evolutionary, risk free approach, and also allows service providers to deliver services to any customer without requiring changes to their existing infrastructure. The Europa gateway can act at a customer premises or retail outlet via a carrier network, or be implemented directly into an enterprise setting eliminating the need for an infrastructure forklift by enabling ISDN or standard analog phones to connect to a corporate or Internet telephony service provider network.

Davis continues, “The Europa can be connected to a PBX and ISDN at the same time causing no disruption to any existing equipment and giving the flexibility and choice for call routing. With an attractive price point the Europa is leading the way in making VoIP affordable for enterprises by providing all the benefits of an IP solution but without the massive financial outlay.”

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