Vendors React to Cisco Video Announcement

Cisco’s announcement that they are to enter the video communications market has brought a swift reaction from Marc Trachtenberg, CEO of Teliris, a leader in telepresense and high definition, life-like video conferencing services.

“While Cisco will have its place in the video-conferencing market, their system is clearly a first-generation product offering with significant compromises and limitations. The Cisco video-conferencing product is offered at the same buying price point as our fourth generation telepresence solution, but fails to deliver the service, the high quality eye-to-eye contact, the multipoint meeting capability and the connectivity outside the enterprise that Teliris has made available for more than four years.

The added internal complexity of turning Cisco’s specialised kit of parts into a reliable, effective meeting environment will be an expensive and unpredictable project.

Teliris has always offered a fully working meeting environment with known on-going costs, known effectiveness and known reliability. With their passion for excellence, Teliris itself utilises Cisco’s great networking products, adding many other specialised components, and years of experience, to create distance meetings that really work.”

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