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Venus Calls ‘Action’ on 10 Gigabit Service

London’s post-production houses work on a wide range of projects from Hollywood block-busters to popular television dramas. In a modern world of high definition video many of these companies now rely on high bandwidth connectivity products to enable them to get the job done. At London’s Media Production Show Venus Business Communications are launching the fastest connectivity service available at 10 gigabits per second.

“London is the heart of the world’s post-production industry and the Media Production Show is London’s most prestigious event for this industry. Our 10 gigabit per second service will transform the industry’s working environment making it much more efficient to transfer and share projects online at thousands of megabits per second. Our local field survey team aim to reduce installations times by a month and we recognise that reliability is key and the industry needs peace of mind. It’s important to have local engineers that can respond rapidly and effectively to keep the network up and running in addition to an account management team that delivers the support the industry needs,” said Brian Iddon, Venus Business Communications Director.

Roundtable Films investment in 100 Megabit per second connectivity is delivering benefits in efficiency across a wide range of their projects including music videos and Channel Four’s latest drama Flowers. “At normal broadband speeds it would take a couple of hours to upload on top of the 90 mins to export, so people would not be able to see the film until 3-4 hours later. Uploads now take minutes. There isn’t an option of having normal broadband. Uploading quickly has become essential,” confirms Ben Coulson, Director at Roundtable Film.

Venus’ 10 gigabits per second service can transfer these data-rich files rapidly and efficiently to clients. The Venus network is proving popular with over 1,000 customers in London enjoying high-speed connectivity transferring half a terabyte of data a day.

Sliced Bread Animations is working with some of the world’s best-known brands, including Sony, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Unilever. They value the reliability high-speed connectivity brings to their business. “Meeting deadlines is key for our clients and our reputation, transferring a 4K footage project would take hours to upload and would cause serious problems if and when the line dropped out. We are now able to deliver projects on time without having to factor in hours of uploading time and benefit from being able to back-up our documents to the cloud,” said Sliced Bread’s Director, Jamie Denham.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine