Venus Launches New Fixed Price Scheme

Network Operator Venus Business Communications is launching a new fixed price scheme for Resellers. The fixed pricing is designed to give Resellers peace of mind and the confidence to close orders rapidly when offering Venus Ethernet Leased Lines to their clients. Venus’ fixed price guarantee means resellers can base their prices on the quote Venus has given without having to worry about Excess Construction Costs (ECC’s)

Resellers need to be able to present products and services to their clients with confidence. Being able to make healthy margins is achieved by buying at competitive prices and achieving good sales volume. Venus has launched a fixed price scheme for resellers backed by a guarantee. The scheme is in response to the variability in costs from many network operators who provide leased line pricing that is “subject to survey”. This often results in ECC’s being applied after the initial quote has been given to the reseller.

“Any professional network operator can make an assessment of the work required to connect a client to the backbone of their network. Often it requires a detailed look at how to reach an appropriate point of presence and the costs involved in both materials and expertise. The industry practice of presenting ECC’s after the initial quote makes it difficult for Resellers to offer a firm price to their client. The new Venus scheme abolishes ECC’s and means resellers can present their clients with a firm price and gain an associated competitive advantage,” said Brian Iddon, Venus Business Communications Director.

Venus Business Communications own and operate a London dark fibre network with almost unlimited capacity. Their local sales and support teams allow them to assess installation quickly, effectively and accurately. “Our new fixed price scheme uses a combination of our extensive engineering knowledge and our capability to visit sites at the quote stage to provide a cost-effective accurate price that we will stand by. We are so confident in our ability that the fixed price scheme comes with a guarantee. If we have under-estimated the cost we will still stand by the fixed price quote and bear the loss,” said Brian.

The new fixed pricing scheme has been on trial with a number of Venus’ current resellers prior to its roll out this month. The results of fixed pricing has meant resellers have been able to steal a march on other networks as any doubt about the total price of the service has been removed. This has resulted in increased sales volumes for resellers as clients have bought with confidence.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine