Verizon Business Rolls Out HD Video Conferencing

As part of its ongoing effort to help organizations communicate more effectively around the globe, Verizon Business announced the rollout of video conferencing in high definition.

Verizon say ‘video conferencing with High Definition can vastly improve the video-conferencing experience by working together with Verizon Business’ world-class public and Private IP network services to provide a clearer, crisper and higher-quality video picture for customers with high-definition-capable video equipment’.

The service is immediately available for customers around the world, who are increasingly turning to video conferencing as an alternative to face-to-face meetings to boost productivity, hold the line on business travel costs, and help reduce carbon emissions associated with business travel.

“A key benefit to video conferencing is the leader’s ability to know participants are engaging in the topic, since the leader can see them and visually interact;” said Mike Marcellin, vice president of product marketing for Verizon Business. “High-definition video enriches the collaboration session by delivering a more realistic and lifelike experience than previously available with standard video conferencing.

“As organizations continue to consider use of immersive video conferencing in the longer term, high-definition video conferencing offers an improved, immediate and cost-effective alternative to in-person meetings,” Marcellin added. “This new service is one of several advancements we are rolling out to help our customers collaborate more effectively boost their productivity and meet their goals to ‘go green’.”

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