Viatel Launches New Service for PBX Voice Resellers

Viatel today announced the launch of a new service for voice resellers enabling them to offer a Hosted Voice over IP service without changing their technology partner.

Its co-location PBX service gives resellers the ability to locate customer IP PBXs (regardless of manufacturer) in Viatel’s secure premises, centralising the management and dramatically reducing time spent travelling to customer premises for maintenance purposes. In addition, for those resellers looking to offer data as well as voice services, because the PBXs are located on Viatel’s Next Generation IP Network, resellers can make the most of converged services and benefit from new and enhanced data revenue streams.

“VoIP uptake is growing very quickly, and in the last few years, data resellers have been faster to offer the service than traditional voice resellers,” said Neil Watson, channel director, Viatel. “It is a difficult time for voice resellers, but these new services will help them to move to VoIP without losing their legacy revenues. They can also easily expand and add data services to their portfolio. In today’s competitive market, it is essential for resellers to investigate new ways of maximising profits from traditional revenue streams whilst also seeking ways to offer and grow margins from new converged services.”

Viatel’s co-location PBX service allows resellers to locate multiple customer PBXs within Viatel’s secure premises, helping them to move to a managed services approach. Voice resellers can also extend their offerings by reselling Viatel’s DSL and MPLS IPVPN services as their own, adding to their revenue streams and continuing to make margin as the convergence market expands.

Viatel is offering this service in order to support its expanding channel partner base. By partnering with Viatel, resellers automatically benefit from working with a provider which already owns its own “next generation” network. Viatel will also be launching its “Next-Generation Voice” service, aimed at Data resellers with limited voice expertise but who are looking for a managed voice service to resell.

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