Video Conferencing For Everybody From Nimans And Polycom

Distributor Nimans says high resolution video conferencing is now within easy reach of all resellers following the launch of a plug and play system from Polycom. The cost effective Polycom QDX 6000 is described by Nimans as an ‘off the shelf’ unit which brings high quality video communication to a wide array of businesses – opening up rich revenue streams for dealers.

“Resellers do not have to be officially accredited or have an in-depth technical knowledge to sell this product which has been specifically designed for simple installation and ease of use,” explained Nimans’ Head Of Conferencing Sales, Ian Brindle.

“There are now no barriers for resellers to overcome. The QDX 6000 combines high video and audio quality with superb general performance, simplicity and affordability. It has a retail price of £2,699.”

Ian says a rapid return on investment ensures an ‘easy sell’ for resellers, as end users will be able to reduce business travel to save on associated costs and time issues, as well as being more friendly to the environment.

“Demand for this entry-level video product is destined to be high,” Ian concluded. “It is ideal for desktops or small meeting rooms; there is nothing complex about it but there is no compromise on quality. It opens up bigger revenue streams for resellers. For the first time an out-of-the-box solution puts high quality video conferencing within the reach of all resellers.”

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