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Video Conferencing Takes off in SMB

According to new research, UK is the jewel of the crown of the western European SMB cloud market. Between now and 2016, the overall UK cloud market will rocket 79% to £2.5bn according to cloud vendor Parallels’ annual SMB Cloud Insights research.

A 2013 cross-sector survey ran by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), concerning enterprises, SMB and the public sector, revealed that cloud computing has “achieved mainstream deployment” in the UK with 69% of organisations formally adopting at least one cloud-based service. This reveals a big appetite for cloud-based IT services as this number has been increasing for the fourth year in a row. With satisfaction rising as high as 91% of the sample, 68% of current users are saying they will extend the use of cloud solution.

Cloud based video conferencing services (running directly on a vendor’s network) especially are growing in popularity as cost efficient alternatives to expensive full-scale video conferencing system deployments. The main value proposition for enterprise users is that they can even access videos-as-a-service over the internet for a simple subscription fee.

Offering a host of advantages for users with the most primary benefit being radically lower IT costs, cloud based video conferencing fits perfectly for SMBs which are forecast to emerge into a lucrative customer base for cloud services with the “pay-as-you-go” subscription based business model as a perfect fit for small enterprises with limited IT budgets. In addition, the realities of the tough economic and financial climate is encouraging organisations to move from in-house infrastructure to accessing on-demand services as and when required.

While matching all the criteria required to reach those level of satisfaction, NeoCloud powered by Vidyo is one of the fastest growing provider of video conferencing solutions and is now looking for new partners to “communicate, collaborate and connect” (as stated in its motto).

By joining the NeoCloud’s network, you’ll be able to offer great packages of video conference solutions which will push any of your client’s business forward but will also push your own business forward as you will be eligible for a free license to use.

Moreover, as NeoCloud powered by Vidyo knows that seeing is believing, you will also be able to offer a free trial to any prospect without any obligation or hidden fees.

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