Virtual BT Team for Nimans

BT has appointed a dedicated four-strong ‘virtual team’ to work with Nimans’ BT business unit in supporting dealers. The move is part of BT’s wider channel strategy of focusing partner support on its best performing distributors.

Nimans say the creation of a dedicated BT resource will mean the distributor will be able to further enhance its dealer support package and boost its recruitment of new BT resellers.

“We have never been in a better position to offer real value-added service to resellers who are committed to Nimans,” said the company’s new BT Connect Business Manager, John Betton. “The dedicated support we receive as a preferred partner means we can in turn provide much more focused and wide-ranging support to our dealers.

The virtual team is led by Account Director, Andrea Jones, who manages and directs the relationship with Nimans BT Business unit and its resellers, with Account Manager Alison Gannon handling day-to-day issues such as dealer and end-user site visits and securing and responding to resellers’ feedback. The role of Service Development Manager Lisa Jones is to promptly resolve any significant service issues with BT in order to further improve Nimans’ service delivery. The fourth member of the team, Helen Witter, is responsible for developing Nimans’ BT reseller network.

“This arrangement delivers benefits to everybody,” said Betton. “By focusing its efforts on its best performing distributors, BT enjoys greater efficiency and economies of scale. Nimans benefits by being able to pro-actively develop its BT reseller network and, by providing further specialist expertise and satisfaction, greater client satisfaction and loyalty. The same is also true of the relationship our BT resellers have with their customers.”

Dennis Scott, BT Retail General Manager, Distribution Channel, welcomed the move, saying; “BT values Nimans’ contribution to the channel and is pleased to see the company focus on our portfolio. Its proposition offers a great revenue opportunity for channel dealers and can enable dealers to extend the solutions offered to its customers.”

One of the priorities of Nimans’ newly strengthened team will be the promotion to SMEs, via the channel, of a new VoIP option being offered as an upgrade to BT’s business broadband package. The company has introduced a new broadband router with an analogue port to enable ADSL and deliver an extra line. This means that outbound calls can be handled by VoIP and inbound calls by the analogue line. BT is offering two tariffs for the service, opening at £5 per month for the basic package which sees VoIP calls charged at 2.8p per minute. Alternatively end-users can pay £19.99 monthly and secure unlimited free calls worldwide.

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