Virtual1 and TeleWare partner to provide added value for resellers and their customers

TeleWare, provider of communications solutions for the mobile business, today announced a reciprocal partnership with leading network operator Virtual1. The partnership means TeleWare and Virtual1 Partners can deliver combined network and voice application solutions, allowing them to enjoy increased revenues, enhanced margins and reduced churn whilst providing customers with a highly competitive, resilient alternative to ISDN.

“Many businesses are still working with low capacity networks; this causes inevitable delays at peak times and, with a network already strained, businesses are unable to justify investment in new applications that could add more value to remote workers,” explained Steve Haworth, CEO for TeleWare Plc. “This new partnership means that customers can gain more value from the trunks in which they invest. It will speed up email for home workers and the increased bandwidth can be cost offset by moving to IP. The business gets greater bandwidth, has access to value added services and can give home workers improved services, all at a comparable cost to moving from ISDN to IP. This is illustrated byTechTarget’s 2012 IT Priorities Survey which stated that Wireless networks and IP telephony are set to be the most common networking initiatives implemented by UK users in 2012,” added Haworth.

Tom O’Hagan, Managing Director at Virtual1, agrees. “SIP is a growing market. We’ve seen an uptake of over 300% in the amount of SIP traffic running over our network, with customers demanding more capabilities from the end solution. So by having access to the wide portfolio of TeleWare solutions – many of which are unique in the marketplace – as part of the SIP Exchange, we can help our Partners move the sales message to a discussion of business benefits and value rather than competing on increasingly slim margins,” said O’Hagan.

TeleWare’s SIP is now a standard option on Virtual1’s online pricing tool, 1Portal, giving Virtual1 Partners access to enhanced SIP applications which include call recording for mobiles and mobile phone integration with business call handling systems.

Haworth concluded, “Moving to IP interconnects is a natural first step to convergence and unified communications, and these applications invariably lead to customers increasing their capacity requirements substantially over the term of a contract. Being able to source the IP connection, the resilience, the privacy and the applications all from a single provider makes it many times more likely that the business will remain with their incumbent network supplier.”

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