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VKernel announced the availability of VKernel’s highly regarded free tool, vOPS Server Explorer, as a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation virtual appliance. vOPS Server Explorer assesses virtual machine performance, efficiency and capacity in an easy to download, simple to install virtual appliance.

Virtual environments are dynamic and in constant change, making it challenging for administrators to maintain control over the environments. Establishing just how in control or out of control an environment may be requires a significant amount of manual data mining and calculations. VKernel’s vOPS Server Explorer uses the same analytics and advisory engine from the paid vOPS Server Standard product to provide virtual administrators with a rapid assessment of the state of their environment.

Customers use the product to:

Identify critical VM configuration errors such as memory limits and old snapshots that will severely affect performance and can be especially hard to track down and solve.

Recognise performance bottlenecks from high CPU ready, memory swapping, device latency and other causes.

Detect inefficiency/waste created by VMs with CPU, memory and storage over allocation.

Find available capacity expressed as the number of VMs that can be deployed without causing performance bottlenecks.

Pinpoint oversubscription of CPU, memory and storage resources and whether the over-allocation is impacting performance.

Search for a specific VMs using Google Like search capability.

Previously available for VMware and Hyper-V environments, this release marks vOPS Server Explorer availability for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation environments and is designed to meet the growing installed base of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation customers.

“vOPS Server Explorer provides Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation users with additional virtualisation choice and flexibility and is an important addition to the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation administrator’s management toolkit,” says Geert Jansen, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation at Red Hat. “We are excited to have this compelling free application to offer to the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation community.”

“VKernel wants to be part of the growing Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation market and we are excited to be the first vendor to offer free tools available for the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation community,” says Mattias Sundling, Evangelist, VKernel. “vOPS Server Explorer provides analysis and advice to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation admins in their daily job which minimises time to resolution.”

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