Vodafone and Nantworks collaborate in Silicon Valley

Vodafone has announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Los Angeles-based NantWorks to explore mobile data services development with a particular focus on innovative mobile healthcare services to deliver patient care remotely.

NantWorks is one of the first companies signed through Vodafone’s new Vodafone xone technology R&D centre, based in Silicon Valley, which aims to identify and qualify innovative technologies from start ups, R&D labs, universities and venture capital portfolios.

Vodafone xone will provide technical expertise, potential financial assistance, logistical support and facilities to help promising US technology companies gain a fast track into proof-of-concept trials across Vodafone’s global network.

NantWorks Chairman and CEO Patrick Soon-Shiong said: “Vodafone is the ideal partner for NantWorks as we develop technologies intended to bring the digital revolution into more aspects of people’s lives, including healthcare and education. I welcome the opening of Vodafone xone here in California and I look forward to a great partnership between our companies.”

Siavash Alamouti, Director of Vodafone Group R&D said: “NantWorks is an exciting and visionary company. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration as we explore options to bring new and transformative products and services to market.”

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