Vodafone Germany and Huawei sign MoU for LTE digital dividend test

Vodafone Germany and Huawei have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to conduct a joint test gauging the performance of long term evolution in the digital dividend band. This agreement marks a joint initiative to validate LTE’ s application within the digital dividend band (790-862MHz) using Huawei’ s end to end LTE solution.

From this summer the cooperation will see Vodafone Germany and Huawei not only demonstrate LTE’ s ability to provide broadband coverage to rural and urban areas, effectively bridging the digital divide between those areas of Germany, but also to prove its compatibility with adjacent technologies such as digital TV and digital radio. The test will be based on Huawei’ s end to end solutions and both parties will form a joint working group for conducting the test.

Hartmut Kremling, CTO of Vodafone Germany, said: “Vodafone is an active player in bringing leading broadband services to Germany. By cooperating with local telecoms authorities, utilising the rich LTE experiences from Vodafone Germany and Huawei, we are confident that the test will be carried out successfully.”

Vincent Pang, vice president and head of Huawei Vodafone Business Unit said: “We are very pleased that Vodafone Germany chose Huawei as the partner for this test, which is another milestone for the collaboration between our two companies. Huawei will use its cutting edge LTE technologies to ensure Vodafone Germany remains ahead of the market as well as help it to achieve sustainable growth in the future.”

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