Vodafone gets iPhone today!

Vodafone has confirmed it is set to deliver 50,000 iPhones today.

UK CEO of Vodafone, Guy Laurence, has confirmed that the network will be delivering over 50,000 iPhones to customers on its first day of selling the device.

He said the main reason for the high demand for the handset was customers wanting to use the phone on the Vodafone network.

However, as Mobile Business has reported since the launch of the first iPhone, consumers are attracted to the smart looking device itself, more than the networks it runs on. The iPhone has fundamentally shaken the mobile world, from software, to infrastructure, to business models, to completely changing the end users’ perception of mobile communications. It has led the way in app stores and smartphone developments, and now finds itself challenged in all but marketing power by rival manufacturers striving for the same prestige.

Consumers that have been waiting for the iPhone from Vodafone may be disappointed that the network has not been radical in its price plans, (free handset for £35 per month on a 24 month price plan) and is even more expensive than Orange and O2 in some areas, such as entry level 18 month price plans, for the device.

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