Vodafone Names Total Communications Partners

Companies awarded Total Communications Status following the launch of the Programme last month include: Boosh 365, CCS M.P.W, Comm-Tech Voice & Data, Connect Telecom, DRC, Excalibur Communications Ltd, Pescado Ltd, PMGC Technology Group Ltd, Pure Business Services, Olive Communications, Onecom, Redsquid Communications Ltd, Trinsic Ltd and Vohkus Ltd.

Commenting on the achievements of all new Partners joining the programme, Phil Mottram, Enterprise Director of Vodafone UK said, “Over 100 Partners have achieved new Status accreditation in the first phase of our programme, which is fantastic. The programme is designed specifically to recognise capabilities and specialisms and so it’s great to see that we have a variety of sized organisations in all Status levels, including at the highest Total Communications level. It is an exciting time in the evolution of enterprise services. With our new programme, we are committed to helping Partners deliver higher value to customers so that they can tap into the new opportunities brought by this hyper-connected era.”

Chris Lee, managing director of CCS, said: “To be the first provider in the North East to achieve this status is a great achievement and is recognition for the hard work of our staff. To achieve this we have had to undertake a large amount of training. It shows our continued commitment to being at the forefront of the industry.

“Being awarded Vodafone Total Communications Status gives us the capacity to support, offer advice and recommend the right Vodafone products and services to our customers. More than anything it recognises our ability to deliver unified communications solutions and deliver great customer service.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine