Vodafone UK brings overdraft facility to Talkmobile customers

Vodafone UK and Talkmobile have announced the launch of an overdraft facility for Talkmobile’s Pay As You Go customers.

The service, called Lifesaver, will allow Talkmobile’s pre pay customers to borrow £1 when they run out of credit. Customers pay back the credit next time they top up, along with a 10p service charge.

This credit can be used for everything from calls or texts to browsing the web, or even when using your phone abroad.

Tim Stone, Vodafone’s wholesale director commented: “Vodafone Wholesale makes it simple and easy for our MVNOs to offer their customers innovative services. Talkmobile is the first to offer this extra to its customers and we expect other Vodafone MVNOs to take this up too.”

Paul Layte, director of Talkmobile said: “This is a great value added service for our pre pay customers, ensuring they never run out of credit and that in an emergency they can make that vital call or text.”

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