Vodafone UK Gains Business Continuity Benchmark

Vodafone UK has become the world’s first mobile operator to achieve BS 25999 certification, the industry leading standard for business continuity management systems.

Vodafone UK has achieved the standard in recognition of the robust processes it has put in place to ensure continuity of service for enterprise and consumer customers in the event of unexpected incidents, such as power failures or natural disasters.

BS 25999 certification from the BSI demonstrates that Vodafone UK’s business continuity management systems follow internationally recognised best-practice methodologies. Achieving the standard provides assurances for Vodafone’s enterprise customers that the essential voice services they may depend on in the event of their own business operations being interrupted are subject to stringent controls and a cycle of continual self-assessment to identify, manage and mitigate potential threats.

Vodafone UK has gained certification for its 2G voice network, which also acts as a support mechanism for other voice and SMS services. In addition to minimising the risk of network downtime, achieving the standard also supports Vodafone UK’s role as an essential service provider in the event that a state of emergency is declared by the authorities, in accordance with the Civil Contingencies Act.

“Mobile communications form an integral part of enterprise business continuity plans and gaining BS 25999 demonstrates the quality of the systems that we have in place to support our customers’ needs,” explains Roger McLoughlin, Continuity & Risk Assurance Specialist, Vodafone UK. “The standard provides unequivocal proof that we are taking the appropriate measures to mitigate network downtime and ensure that the service is there for our customers when they may need it the most.”

“For Vodafone to achieve certification to BS 25999 for a major part of its business in less than a year from publication of the standard is a significant achievement,” says Rob Wallis, Managing Director of BSI Management Systems UK. “It also demonstrates a commitment to offering stakeholders a robust and resilient service.”

Achieving BS 25999 certification is the latest development in Vodafone UK’s ongoing commitment to further improve the quality of service delivery to customers. Already this year, the company has announced the formation of long-term managed service deals with both BT and Alcatel Lucent to enhance mobile broadband performance and accelerate the development of new products and services respectively. Adding weight to these initiatives, Vodafone UK’s mobile broadband network was independently judged to offer the fastest and most reliable service of all UK operators when it was assessed by LCC International in July.

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