Vodafone UK offers new security service with Vodafone Visibility

Vodafone UK is launching a new security offering for businesses with Vodafone Visibility, a service that combines Vodafone’s mobile broadband with connectivity, security and inventory reporting. This new service has been developed from the successful VSRA (Vodafone Secure Remote Access) service that helps organisations protect their networks, devices and data.

Vodafone Visibility enhances the ability of IT teams to ensure the success of mobile working initiatives across the company by providing a view of all mobile and fixed devices and connections to company networks and making sure they are authenticated, secure and comply with all regulations.

The new service will help a company ensure all employees in the office and on the move are using mobile devices, laptops and computers as agreed within specific company policies. This will reduce the risk of data breaches should a laptop be lost or stolen, save time and money managing software and hardware on PCs and ensure the best network is being used for connectivity.

“Organisations get online using our mobile broadband network because it is fast, reliable and offers great coverage,” says Jonathan Rutherford, Head of Large Business and Public Sector Marketing. “With Vodafone Visibility we are putting customers’ IT security, reporting and mobile broadband service at the heart of a complete flexible working solution that is safe, secure and will help any organisation to keep a tight control on costs.”

What Vodafone Visibility includes: Connectivity reporting – businesses can monitor which networks are being used, and control costs accordingly; Inventory reporting – by monitoring the software and hardware status on the device, it’s easier to manage applications and associated costs; Security reporting – enabling businesses to check system vulnerabilities, and ensure security applications are installed and running as they should be.

Customers can get Vodafone Visibility free when they sign up to a 5GB mobile broadband price plan or can opt to add it to their existing price plan.

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