Vodafone UK scores BS 25999 business continuity for 3G and mobile broadband

Vodafone UK’s 3G voice and mobile broadband service has gained BS 25999 certification from BSI Management Systems.

BS 25999 is an auditable standard awarded after stringent assessment and proves that Vodafone UK has a business continuity management system designed to ensure business as usual through the most challenging and unexpected circumstances. For customers, this represents further demonstration of the high quality and reliability of the Vodafone network.

For businesses to continue to operate successfully, it is becoming essential to have robust business continuity plans in place, said Vodafone. Partnering with communications providers who have certified and internationally recognised business continuity processes is becoming a core element for customers to achieve their own certification.

Peter Kelly, enterprise director at Vodafone UK, said: “More customers are asking for evidence of their partners’ business continuity credentials. Vodafone UK’s BS25999 certification sends a clear signal that we are going the extra mile to support our customers’ needs.”

Julian Thrussell, product marketing manager for risk at BSI Management Systems, added: “Mobile is now business critical. Vodafone’s commitment to achieving BS 25999 certification with BSI should be applauded. BS 25999 not only gives Vodafone a competitive edge, but BSI’s certificate allows Vodafone to demonstrate to key stakeholders that robust business continuity management is in place.”

Vodafone UK has now gained the standard for its 3G and 2G networks, further supporting its role as an essential service provider in the event that a state of emergency is declared by the authorities, in accordance with the Civil Contingencies Act.

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