Voice Firewall Endorsements are Good News for Resellers

Retell believes Samsung seemed to be endorsing the use of Voice Firewall’s on its PABX’s in a joint press release with Nimans on 5th February. A spokesperson at Retell commented, ‘ Samsung was perhaps speaking the unspeakable by stating that phone hackers can breach unsecured systems in milliseconds to make illegal calls which can cost businesses thousands of pounds in bills’.

Retell launched a Voice Firewall for ISDN 30 last year in response to a large increase in the number of reported hacking incidents. Sense VF is available in standalone format or as part of the Sense call recording platform. Retell believe their system has a number of unique benefits over other products on the market including compatibility with all phone system types. Retell says the system which taps simply into the ISDN 30 can work out less expensive than competitors because it doesn’t need a system module or TAPI licence.

Steve Cobley, Head of Business Development at Retell points to further advantages for resellers, ‘Sense VF is built in the UK with no external programming, can be installed easily by any reseller and programmed by the customer making them and not the reseller responsible for security. He continues, ‘It can also be added to current ISDN 30 Sense recording systems or sold as part of the Sense Call Analyser Recording System which alerts people to toll fraud through its call management software thereby doubling the protection against hacking.

During March Retell will be offering the Voice Firewall free with any Sense Call Analyser Recording System from 8 to 30 channels of ISDN 30. ‘No one can guarantee 100% that a PABX wont be hacked but resellers can prove that they’ve made customers aware of the danger by offering Sense VF at highly competitive prices whilst enjoying a 40% reseller margin and more installation opportunities.

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