Voiceflex & Griffin link up

Voiceflex & Griffin are now directly connected between each other’s networks. This is a major step forward from the peering agreement which has been in place since December 2008. The connection allows Griffin channel partners to route their SIP Traffic directly to the voiceflex network.

Paul Taylor of Voiceflex said, “The success of Voiceflex has been mirrored to some extent by the developments and advancements of data connections, quality and speed are increasing and prices decreasing a recipe for success.

It’s a well documented fact if you owned the data connection to the customer you will own the customer, all services in the near future will be delivered over a data connection, we know voice (albeit important ) is just another application on the network.

Griffin has quality products from a range of carriers to suit all business requirements.
Voiceflex will be reselling Griffin products as part of a bundle package.
The relationship and understanding between Voiceflex and Griffin has worked well and will continue to work well as both companies understand the channel as both are 100% channel focussed.”

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