VoiceFlex Interconnect with Griffin

VoiceFlex has formed a strategic relationship with Griffin Internet allowing the company to send voice traffic over Griffin’s low latency network. The agreement gives VoiceFlex greater control over quality of service for customers using its SIP trunks, as calls will not touch the public internet.

VoiceFlex claim to be the de facto standard for SIP trunking in the UK, with more manufacturer direct interconnects into telephony applications than any other SIP provider in Europe. VoiceFlex has been supplying SIP trunks commercially for 3 years, continually developing and adding additional applications

“We chose Griffin as it has gained a reputation for being the ISP of choice for voice resellers with an in-depth knowledge of the channel. We can connect directly to Griffin’s network allowing channel partners to run voice over the Griffin network avoiding the public internet entirely. This way we can provide a quality service to our customers using our SIP trunks,” said Paul Taylor, Sales & Marketing Director VoiceFlex

Andrew Dickinson, Sales and Marketing Director of Griffin commented, “We have invested heavily in our network and are proud of its low latency and uncongested nature. We want to remain independent and so have no plans to launch our own VOIP services. However we are happy to work with hosted voice and SIP suppliers to help provide a quality service. Griffin already has multiple interconnects with leading voice providers and are pleased that VoiceFlex have decided to peer directly with us to carry their voice traffic.”

By peering directly with VoiceFlex Griffin’s 400+ white label partners have direct access to VoiceFlex services and can use Griffin’s unique Engineered Broadband Single Priority QoS product to prioritise their voice applications.”

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