Voiceflex Launches Alternative to ISDN30 GEA-FTTC

Just when you thought you understood the present technology, everything changes. In this case it is for the better. Many Voice only resellers have alluded to the fact that they will not sell SIP or hosted over ASDL, this is because they don’t believe it is suitable, and for less than 15 channels an EFM or lease line is too expensive.

Voiceflex FTTC- Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) service takes the FTTC service from being positioned in the broadband market, which is asymmetrical with no service level agreement (SLA), to a symmetrical service with an SLA.

Like FTTC, GEA uses the already installed copper between the site and the cabinet, and then fibre to the exchange. The GEA then kicks in and connects into the Ethernet core which is the game changer. The circuit can then be used for voice and data. All circuits supplied by Voiceflex will be QOS enabled.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine
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