Voiceflex launches SoGEA Voice

Voiceflex Limited, a UK SIP and hosted telephony carrier has launched SoGEA Voice, a platform that can act as a direct replacement for voice services delivered over PSTN.

SoGEA Voice delivers the requirements of a single line user’s basic needs such as making and receiving a call, through to call recording, messages delivered to Facebook, WhatsApp or mobile, whichever is your customer’s preference.

Using SoGEA’s API, internet service providers, integrators and OEMs can deliver this offering allowing simple automation of ordering, number porting and provisioning, and configuration. Voiceflex also has a stand-alone portal to enable channel partners to order the service irrespective of the service provider.

Paul Taylor (pictured), sales and marketing director at Voiceflex, explained, “2020 has been a tough year for many industries. The IT and comms industry is no exception, but it is resilient. SoGEA and SoGEA Voice gives you a fantastic opportunity to speak to your customers, not only to see if they want to move but when they will be moving to SoGEA. Anyone using voice services reliant on the PSTN will no longer work – with any forced change normally comes opportunities.”

SoGEA, or Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, is a new approach to connect to the internet and delivers a single order version of fibre broadband without the need to have a traditional copper phone line. There are 28 million data services with a PSTN line that will need to be replaced ahead of the copper switch off that is scheduled for 2025.

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