Voiceflex Urges a Switch to EFM and SIP

Paul Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director at Voiceflex says that in this day and age it rare to find an application that can revolutionise the way we do business.

“EFM bridges the immense void between ADSL and lease line. ADSL has changed our lives for ever; few businesses will not have a data connection of one form or another, with our dependence on cloud applications on the increase, we not only need speed we also need reliability and an SLA to match business needs.

The reliability and speed ADSL2 is very good with up load speed of between 1 and 2Mb available thought out the UK and it will continue to be the preferred application for thousands of companies. Voice traffic is just another data application, 1Mb will support 25 telephone calls. On the down side ADSL has no guaranteed fix time and it’s only supported by 1 pair. Few people would recommend putting 15 calls plus on a single ADSL connection.

EFM is delivered on 2 or 4 pairs providing the reliability needed with an SLA of 6 hours, 365 days a year 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

There is no question it is the natural successor to ISDN and ADSL/SDSL/Lease line. EFM is unique providing the opportunity to contact existing customer, to replace there ISDN and ADSL/SDSL/Lease line, with one service that will save them money and earn you more margin.”

Taylor concludes “Not only a marginal saving but 20 SIP Trunks will only use 0.8Mb, leaving a minimum of 4.2Mb for other data applications. So replace you ISDN connection and for the same price get between 4.2 and 9.2Mb of data for free.”

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