Voicenet Solutions Launch Centres of Excellence

Voicenet Solutions is setting up “Centres of Excellence” across the country which will be dedicated Voicenet Solutions hosted VoIP resellers. Four have already been appointed with Voicenet Solutions looking to roll out more over the next 12 months.

“With manufacturers such as Avaya, Cisco, Nortel and Siemens claiming that “Hosted is the Future”, we believe that hosted VoIP is no longer the “new “technology, and that the time is right to be counted alongside the more established vendors of voice systems. We are investing a large amount of resource in creating a strong, established channel network with the very best partners.” Commented Gary Pryor, Director of Sales and Marketing.

The Centres of Excellence will have access to not only the standard service but all of the additional features such as call recording, call logging, operator console and a clear picture of the technology roadmap. New and existing sales and support teams will be fully trained to a level of “excellence” to assist in any aspect of the business with the primary task of promoting the Voicenet Solutions service and brand.

Inviting partners to become Centres of Excellence, Voicenet Solutions are after a certain type of business. “The right company must have a strong record of B2B sales and technical know how on either a PBX or IT integration sector with a minimum of five sales personnel.” Said Pryor and the benefits he added would be “Substantial. This will be extremely beneficial for the right partner.”

One such partner is Tim Gain of Ortiga, joining the Centre of Excellence network in September, Gain has already benefited from the relationship.

“In my experience, Voicenet Solutions are the best distributor of this rapidly exploding technology. With regards to the service itself, the impressive features make it a match for any ‘high end’ telephone system and with the scalability associated with hosted services great benefits are available throughout the market”

This solution has helped Ortiga to establish premium customer relationships in all market segments. “We are proud to be one of the first partners in the Centre of Excellence network” Added Gain.

London based IP Solutions is another partner benefiting from being a Centre of Excellence

“Not only do Voicenet fully understand the technology and its potential, but they are the first company we’ve come across that know exactly how to clearly communicate the advantages to the end user and present them in a way that can be immediately translated into business benefits. That, for us, is the key to their continuing success.”

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