Voicenet Solutions Launches Hosted Call Recording Facility

Hosted IP Telephony provider Voicenet Solutions has launched its new Hosted Call Recording service, complementing its existing premium VoIP business services.

Completely software-based with no proprietary hardware required, Voicenet Solutions’ Hosted Call Recording can be installed on specified stations to record and store every incoming and outgoing call. Furthermore as it is a remote service, businesses now no longer need to worry about maintenance costs or storage.

All call recordings are archived securely and automatically at the Voicenet Solutions Data Centre in London and can be retrieved at the click of a button by designated users onsite. Calls are categorised by selected parameters such as user, date, start/end time, call duration or phone number; and searched for using those criteria. A browser-based graphic interface allows users to easily play back, archive or email recordings.

The service also offers the Live Acquire facility which allows supervisors to monitor active conversations as they happen, regardless of location, thus giving an insight into the performance of their team.

Hosted Call Recording service offers UK businesses, of any type and size, the opportunity to have advanced yet affordable call recording facilities and to store their data efficiently and securely.

“Call recording can be an invaluable tool for any type of business or enterprise which utilises its voice data for training, insurance or supervision purposes.” Says Gary Pryor Sales and Marketing Director, Voicenet Solutions.

In the past only the biggest organisations, or those required to by law, such as banks and emergency services would opt for the facility. Hosted Call Recording however, gives a greater range of companies more flexibility in choosing a recording service, to suit their different corporate objectives.

“Our Hosted Call Recording solution means no storage, no tapes and no maintenance; it’s an affordable, scalable and cost effective service for businesses of all sizes. Together with our hosted VoIP solution, Hosted Call Recording will help more companies work smarter, for less.” Adds Pryor

“In my view we’ve sourced the best possible product on the market. Our Hosted Call Recording solution is a specially customised premium product to complement our hosted VoIP solution and all of our White labels partners are extremely eager to supply this product.”

The application’s front end is brilliantly designed for ease of use. Calls can be accessed and replayed simply by users with a minimum of technical ability. The application is intuitive, straightforward and simple to operate from any PC that can browse to the recorder.

“To my knowledge no one else currently offers a financially viable hosted recording service of this nature on the market.” Says Pryor.

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