VoIP an Essential Call Centre Tool say Talisma

Sean O’Connell, Director of European Marketing at Talisma, sees a growing importance of VoIP to the UK channel.

“As far as the channel is concerned the next big thing in call centre technology is VoIP. However, existing technologies will continue to play a key role in configuration management backing up, and enhancing, the potential of VoIP. It offers a very attractive solution for companies who want to offer a voice channel without all of the infrastructure overheads of traditional voice or requiring agents in remote locations. With VoIP an agent can be anywhere there is a PC and broadband internet connection.

Through the use of VoIP functionality, alongside existing tools such as Knowledgebase, chat and email, Customer Service Representatives can address any query a customer might have. This segmented, but open ended, approach to call centre service not only puts the customer in the driving seat but also empowers CSRs to switch between channels at will in order to best assist the customer. Technology needs to be all embracing and fluid in order to best serve the needs of an ever more demanding, and technologically savvy, customer base. VoIP is an essential and dynamic tool which can help meet this demand.”

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