VoIP as you are

In a recent posting on his blog Mark Deakin, Unified Communications Manager at Microsoft, says one of the questions I get asked at events, almost without fail, is ‘Are Microsoft creating a PBX replacement?’

Deakin goes on to say, “Hopefully this post and the relating web site should give you the answer if you have not already heard it from me directly.

If your PBX could speak, what would it be thinking right now? With all of the interest and focus around Voice over IP, I would imagine its quivering its air conditioned noisy corner wondering whether it’s going to get ripped out and replaced by a new smaller, shinier PBX with more flashing lights and lots of network cables dangling out the back. With OCS 2007 on the horizon, surely it is thinking its days could be numbered?

Quite the contrary actually, OCS will bring ‘VOIP as you are’ … no need for rip and replace … just add software to what you have already 🙂 With the launch of OCS 2007 in sight, we have started an ad campaign in the US which will slowly move across the world. Put simply, we will offer ‘VOIP as you are’.

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